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Meeting with Axis Electrical Components (India) at Middle East Energy Dubai 2022

Mar 15, 2022
Our Director meeting with Mr Nimish Taterh and Ashish Telang from Axis Electrical Components (India) at Middle East Energy Dubai, Dubai World Trade Centre on 8th March.


Feb 7, 2022
It's not too late to wish a Happy Chinese New Year to our friends, customers, and clients. May this new year be filled with happiness, prosperity, and many precious moments with your loved ones. Happy Chinese New Year, 2022! Best wishes! Gong Xi Fa Cai!


Feb 7, 2022
Here's hoping that the new year will bring joy, love, peace, and happiness to all of us. We are wishing a Happy New Year 2022 from our family Tekno Bumi to all our customers and suppliers that are still operating their businesses with great health and best of luck for this new year!


Feb 4, 2021
Tekno Bumi Sdn Bhd has recently established a new subsidiary under its direct management; Tekno Bumi Manufacturing Sdn Bhd. Its sole purpose is to manufacture and assemble products for Tekno Bumi's clients. Ambitious in delivering products with teh best quality, TBM develops a quality management system for a smooth operation of its factory. 

This project has set foot in early 2020. To ensure the company is having a well-versed quality management system, it implements guidelines from ISO 9001:2015. Further to all the preparations that has been made, Tekno Bumi Manufacturing Sdn Bhd is finally ISO 9001:2015 certified!



Feb 4, 2021
Tekno Bumi wishes all its clients and supplier a prosperous new year. Although it has been over a year since the Global Pandemic situation hits every continents of the world, we must remain positive and continue providing the best services possible. This includes a bigger business goals and wider product ranges. 

The Covid 19 Situation has really put setbacks on many companies, causing some businesses to close down permanently and many unemployement. But for businesses that remain unaffected financially, we are in luck and must always count our blessings. Here at Tekno Bumi, Our office is open daily and falls under essential services classified by the government. We practice social distancing, hygiene control and safety guidelines as per recommended by government while running our operation.

Tekno Bumi wishes our customers and suppliers thath are still operating their businesses a great health and best of luck for this new year. 


Feb 4, 2021
Tekno Bumi has always focused on maintaning good quality products and services. To maintain the spirit and motivation of its employees, Tekno Bumi organized yearly event for its team including a company trip to act as a retreat for the hard-workers. 

For 2020, the company decides to take the event a little secluded and close to nature with event held in Tanah Aina retreat in Pahang. 

Not only celebrating its worker, Tekno Bumi invites all of employee's family to join in the fun. 

Looking forward to another beautiful and prosperous year for the company and its strong bond. 


Jan 20, 2021
In many years involving in trading electrical and energy components, Tekno Bumi has predicted a pattern for yet another exciting adventure. After further discussion with the management, Tekno Bumi is ready to take up a new challenge by setting up a new subsidiary company for the purpose of manufacturing components. 

The company; Tekno Bumi Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. (TBM) will be run directly under the management of its appointed director- Ahmad Nizar bin Mohd Azhar. It will be focusing on manufacturing components for energy, telecommunication and railway industry. With the start of its development, TBM is recruiting employees fit for the purpose. TBM will also outsource technologies and machinery to cater clients requirement and demand. It is also on its way to be certified with ISO 9001:2015 so to ensure the quality its maagement system. 

Tekno Bumi and its team wishes TBM a prosperous journey for the start and is ready to give full support to the new family. 


Apr 1, 2019
Tekno Bumi is a family grown business; never forget about its families! This year, Tekno Bumi and all its team celebrates their hardwork and closeness amongst others with a meaningful trip to Singapore!

The trip brought along all Tekno Bumi staffs and their families; starting off with leg stretching walk across Gardens by the Bay, and proceeds the next two days with thrilling adventure in Universal Studios and exploring the wilderness of Singapore Zoo. 

This trip has been very refreshing and encourages all of us to work even harder, and BE THE BEST THAT IT CAN BE!


Apr 1, 2019
Tekno Bumi has successfully participated in Asean M&E Show from 19-21 March 2019. 

Previously, Tekno Bumi collaborate with its principal Michaud SA, a French company that provides Low Voltage Accessories and have always introduce us with their latest technology.

Tekno Bumi at Hall 8, PWTC

Christophe Puisais, Michaud SA Export Manager explaining on Michaud products

Maxime Nallet, Derancourt Export Sales Representative on demonstrating Cable preparation tools

This year, Tekno Bumi collaborate with another French Company; Derancourt. Our interest in collaborating with Derancourt is to introduce this brand to Malaysia for cutting, jointing and cable preparation tooling.

Tekno Bumi looks forward to be intoduced with more advanced technology by these companies. 

This three days event has been rewarding with many feedbacks coming in, and give Tekno Bumi a chance to build rapport with potential clients. 

We are ISO 9001 certified!

Feb 21, 2019
Throughout years of operation, Tekno Bumi has always look forward in maximizing potential and improving our quality and services. In the middle of 2018, Tekno Bumi decided to implement a quality management system and have organize a team for the important job. After hard work in organizing and reconstructing management, Tekno Bumi is ready to be evaluated by professional authorized body. 

February 12, 2019 marks its glory. Prior audit, Tekno Bumi is finally certified with ISO 9001:2015 and are proud to announce that we are now your ISO 9001:2015 certified preferred supplier. Tekno Bumi will do it best to serve you greatness, and BE THE BEST THAT IT CAN BE!


Oct 3, 2018
On 02 October 2018, Tekno Bumi team has recently organize a product presentation at Sarawak Electricty Company (SESCO), bringing Derancourt products this time. 

Presentation of Derancout XLPE Cable Preparation Tools by Ahmad NIzar, Tekno Bumi Sales Engineer

Product explanation by Ahmad Nazri, Tekno Bumi Executive Director

The presentation has grab a lot of attention and Tekno Bumi is looking forward for new projects collaborating Derancourt in the picture. Feel free to contact us for more information of XLPE Cable Preapartion Tools. 


Dec 20, 2017
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For a couple of years, TEKNO BUMI and MICHAUD have been working together in close co-operation on the Malaysian market in marketing, designing and supplying utilities for Tenaga Nasional Bhd, Sabah Electricty Sdn Bhd and Sarawak Energy Bhd.

This year 2017, TEKNO BUMI did extremely well to be awarded with MICHAUD special trophy; DIAMOND PARTNER IN MALAYSIA, as a recognition of maximum effort and wonderful success. 

Looking foward to the year 2018, We at TEKNO BUMI are delighted with the news and assure all customers our trust in supplying MICHAUD's product. 

For more information on MICHAUD's product, see our catalog or leave us an email. 


Oct 9, 2017
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Tekno Bumi has recently organized a technical presentation and accessories installation for products of Michaud S.A; LV Aerial Bundle Cable. The session is organized for the interest of Sarawak Energy Sdn Bhd (SESB), at Kuching. More than 30 person attended the session, and highly interested with all the products. The technical presentation is led by Michaud's Export Manager, Christophe Puisais. 

Christophe Puisais on demonstrating the product

Products being introcuded includes Fuse Switch Disconnector, Preinsulated CPTAU Lug, Underground Box with Multipole Service Connector, Bare Conductor, street Light Set, Mechanical Fixing and Preinsulated Sleeves. 

Products for display

As a trusted manufacturer, Michaud S.A under the support from Tekno Bumi Sdn Bhd is now expanding to West Malaysia to deliver best solution for Low Voltage Energy. 

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