20 Jan 2021
In many years involving in trading electrical and energy components, Tekno Bumi has predicted a pattern for yet another exciting adventure. After further discussion with the management, Tekno Bumi is ready to take up a new challenge by setting up a new subsidiary company for the purpose of manufacturing components. 

The company; Tekno Bumi Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. (TBM) will be run directly under the management of its appointed director- Ahmad Nizar bin Mohd Azhar. It will be focusing on manufacturing components for energy, telecommunication and railway industry. With the start of its development, TBM is recruiting employees fit for the purpose. TBM will also outsource technologies and machinery to cater clients requirement and demand. It is also on its way to be certified with ISO 9001:2015 so to ensure the quality its maagement system. 

Tekno Bumi and its team wishes TBM a prosperous journey for the start and is ready to give full support to the new family. 

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