We offers a comprehensive portfolio of services tailored for every stage of a power system’s life cycle-whether it’s design, build or support.

Power Cable


(MICHAUD) Network Insulation Piercing Connector

(MICHAUD) Service Insulation Piercing Connector

(MICHAUD) Street Light Insulation Piercing Connector

(MICHAUD) Bare Conductor Network Connector

(MICHAUD) LV Underground Service Box



(MICHAUD) Preinsulated Sleeve with Mechanical Tightening

(MICHAUD) Preinsulated Compression Sleeve E140

(MICHAUD) Preinsulated Compression Sleeve E173

(MICHAUD) Preinsulated Compression Sleeve E215

(MICHAUD) Preinsulated CPTAU Lug



(MICHAUD) Fuse Switch Disconnector

(MICHAUD) Cutout Sleeve


Circuit Breaker

Anchoring Assembly

(MICHAUD) Suspension Assembly

(MICHAUD) Stainless Steel Strap


Earth System and Short-Circuiting Device

Switch Earth System & Short Circuit Device for Gang FSD

Hydraulic Crimping Tools


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