(MICHAUD) Stainless Steel Strap
(MICHAUD) Stainless Steel Strap


(MICHAUD) Stainless Steel Strap

This stainless steel strap are mainly used to attach the suspension or anchoring clamp brackets on all types of poles (wooden, metal or concrete).

  • The strap is made of AISI 201 or AISI 304 grade stainless steel.
  • The strap is delivered in a 50m roll inside an easy to handle synthetic material winder.
  • The strap edges are deburred.
  • The elastomer protection tape for the strap prevents any cable injury if the cable fixed on poles with a strap falls.
  • The carrying case with ergonomic inside trim is made of synthetic material. It includes a cutting tool, binding tool and buckles (to be ordered separately).

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