(MICHAUD) Cutout Sleeve
(MICHAUD) Cutout Sleeve


(MICHAUD) Cutout Sleeve

This cutout sleeve is designed to receive a fuse cartridge, a neutral tube or a 22x58 mini-switch. It is used in no mechanical load situations.
It is equipped with mechanical tightening terminals allowing its implementation using a simple spanner. Opening and closing of the cutout can be performed under load.

  • Connection is established using insulation piercing technology for the K 221 and stripping technology for the K 219. The tightening screws are equipped with shear heads.
  • The terminals offer the following capacities:
    • 6-35mm² Al/Cu or 16M-50M Al for the K 221,
    • 16-35mm² Al/Cu or 16M-50M Al for the K 219.
  • The product has a dielectric strength in water greater than 6kV.
  • The elastic tightening on the cartridge is calibrated so that when the cutout is opened, the cartridge remains on the customer side (therefore without voltage).
  • A sealing cap temporarily protects the access on the network side.
  • Once the cartridge has been installed, the product is locked using a sealable ring.
  • The sealable ring and the 13mm screw can be sealed.
  • The sleeve accepts 63A fuses. The 100A fuse is only accepted with 35mm² copper wiring.

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