Fiber Optical Cable GYTC8S
Fiber Optical Cable GYTC8S
Fiber Optical Cable GYTC8S


Fiber Optical Cable GYTC8S

Optic fiber in loose tube
Metallic central strength member
Filling compound for SZ stranded cable cores
Plastics-coated steel tape & PE sheath bound together
Stranded steel wire for self suporting unit
Application Range: for long distance & local communications
Installation method: aerial
Application Temperature: -40~+70

with low attenuation loss and dispersion
The reasonable design and precision control on fiber length in loose tube ensures better mechanical performance and adaptability to environment of FOC.
The close structure of SZ layer standing prevents optic fiber from stress under bad environment.
It could ensure moisture & water resistant performance of FOC with filling compound filled outside strentgh member and inside cable core.
It could ensure much better moisture & shooting resistant performance of FOC with corrugated steel tape wrapping.
It could ensure high tensile strentgh with stranded steel wire as self-supporting unit.



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