BNC Coaxial Connector


BNC Coaxial Connector

Listed below are types of BNC Coaxial Connectors:

Female-Female Adapter

Female-Female U Link

Female-Male Adapter

Female to F Male Adapter

Female-Female-Male Y Link

H Adapter

Male-Male U Link

Male to F Male Adapter

Right Angle Female PCB Mount (Metal)

Right Angle Female PCB Mount (Plastic)

Right Angle Male Crimp

Square Flange Female Solder

Straight Female Bulkhead Clamp

Straight Female Bulkhead Crimp

Straight Female Crimp

Straight Female-Female Adapter (Plastic Isolator)

Straight Female-Female Adapter

Straight Female PCB Mount

Straight Male Clamp

Straight Male Crimp

Straight Male-Male Adapter

Sure Twist Male Clamp

T Female-Female-Male Adapter

BNC to RCA Adapter

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