(MICHAUD) Fuse Switch Disconnector


(MICHAUD) Fuse Switch Disconnector

This Fuse Switch Disconnector (FSD) is a single phase device. It is installed at the top of pole or on façade. It protects the overhead connection supplying an
individual customer and the low voltage network. It is suitable for a 160A fuse or 240A solid link size 00 (according to IEC 269-2.1).

The conductor section ranges from 6 up to 95mm² Al-Cu.

It presents :
  • Blown fuse indicator.
  • Display fuse indicator.

Fuse Switch Disconnector 6-95mm² - 160A:
  • The terminals are completely insulated. Connection is established using the stripping technology.
  • The seals on side prevent rain water to come into the terminal block.
  • The tightening efficiency of the conductors is ensured by two shear head screws on top body (aluminium bolts covered with shear head screw for torque control).
  • The conductors are inserted on side.
  • The fuse holder is opened, removed and closed using a hook stick.
    • Note: the fuse holder can be installed without fuse.
  • The top stainless steel screw allows FSD fixing on galvanised steel bracket.
  • The stainless steel spring on tinned copper fork contact ensures good electrical contact on fuse blade.
  • The polarity test points are accessible on each terminal without removing the fuse holder.
  • The degree of protection is IP33.

Fuse Switch Disconnector type L 286 is delivered with the following options :
  • Blown fuse indicator : red led indicator on fuse holder to light on when fuse has blown.
  • Display fuse indicator : yellow fuse presence indicator on fuse holder to show if it is equipped or empty.
  • The shear head is dismountable easily and supplied as spare part facilitating connection/disconnection.
This FSD meets the acceptance criteria of IEC 60 947-3 standard.

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