Anchoring Assembly
Anchoring Assembly
Anchoring Assembly
Anchoring Assembly


Anchoring Assembly


This anchoring assembly is used for the 1500daN single or double anchoring of A.B.C. (Aerial Bundled Conductors) with insulated neutral messenger of 54.6 and 70mm² sections. It comprises a bracket supporting one or two anchoring clamps.

Anchoring clamp:
  • The body is made of aluminium alloy.
  • The cleats are made of UV resistant synthetic material. They are captive.
  • The stainless steel flexible linking cable is captive. It is equipped with a resistant, insulated and movable saddle.
  • Fixing the insulated neutral messenger is ensured by cleats without damaging the insulation.
Anchoring bracket:
  • The bracket is made of aluminium alloy and permits single or double anchoring.
  • Fixing on poles is ensured by one or two 14 or 16mm diameter bolts with suitable washers or using two 20x0.7mm stainless steel straps.
  • This anchoring assembly meets the criteria of NF C 33-041 and EN 50-483.


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