(MICHAUD) Suspension Assembly
(MICHAUD) Suspension Assembly
(MICHAUD) Suspension Assembly
(MICHAUD) Suspension Assembly


(MICHAUD) Suspension Assembly

  • This suspension assembly is used for suspending the low voltage A.B.C. (Aerial Bundled Conductors) with insulated neutral messenger of 50 - 95mm² sections for code K 277 and 50 - 70mm² sections for code K 283.
  • It comprises a movable link system, a suspension clamp and a bracket.
  • 2 standard suspension assemblies are available:
    • ES 1500,
    • ESF 715 equipped with a fuse element (breaking 715 ± 65daN).
  • The fuse element can be factory calibrated between 500 and 1 200daN. It is designed to break when an abnormal effort is applied on the A.B.C. The cable drops without causing the pole to break (i.e.: tree falling on to a power line).
  • The cable can be quickly put back in position thanks to the implementation of a new clamp on the bracket still in place.

The suspension clamp, the movable link system and the bracket are delivered in a full set.
Suspension clamp:
  • The body is made of UV resistant, glass fibre reinforced synthetic material.
  • The insulated neutral messenger is secured by the notched tightening lever.
Movable link system:
  • The body is made of UV resistant, glass fibre reinforced synthetic material and adds insulation between the pole and the cables.
  • The design facilitates longitudinal and transversal movement of the suspension clamp body.
  • The ESF 715 incorporates the fuse element.
  • The bracket is made of aluminium alloy.
  • Fixing on poles is ensured by a 14 or 16mm diameter bolt with a suitable washer or using two 20x0.7mm stainless steel straps.
  • This suspension assembly meets the criteria of NF C 33-040 and EN 50-483.


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